Renting Versus Buying in Northwest Houston

The age old question continues. Should I buy? Should I rent?
It will depend on your unique situation, however NOW should be the time you act. 
It’s decision making time for buying or selling a home. 
Buyers seeking a Northwest Houston home need to act as opposed to waiting because it seems home prices are still on the rise and interest rates are very likely headed higher. How they could get any lower?
Sellers; many sellers are cashing in on their equity. Homes typically appreciate at a rate of about 5% annually. Over the last 3 years we have seen incredible double digit year over year appreciation in many Northwest Houston neighborhoods. This has presently led to a slight increase in the number homes for sale. We expect this trend to continue. Sell now, if you’re selling is our recommendation, BEFORE you have more competitors.

We are presently in the process of helping a dear friend of ours move out of her 2 bedroom apartment and into a lovely 3 bedroom patio home in a gated community. Get this; her rent in the apartment is $1300 a month whilst her mortgage with the aid of a down payment assistance program will be $1,109. Although she’ll need an initial down payment investment of $4,400 to get into the home, this is offset by the fact that each year she lives in her home she is building equity. The low annual 4% interest will go a long way in ensuring she builds equity rapidly.
Conclusion: Buy now if you’re buying!!! 

Tierra Grande Magazine states,
“Housing affordability rests on the relationship between home prices and household incomes, both of which have risen over the past two decades. Since the Great Recession, however, home prices have increased but incomes have not kept pace, casting uncertainty on future Texas home affordability”

Call us & Buy Now if you’re buying OR sell now if you’re selling