In any organization, club or business, one always thinks of acquisition of numbers, and we think we have failed if the numbers are low.However, I & my partner's measurement of success is how meaningful are our relationships with our clients.


We have a schedule for every activity in our Real Estate office, and we also have rules that govern our activities. Our primary rule is: THE SEVEN CLIENT RULE.  


In spite of the fact that we get distracted and excited about our present, past and future clients, we endeavor to keep it simple: We work with only 7 'active' clients at any given point in time. We dedicate all our time and efforts to seven special clients. This enables us to communicate, communicate, communicate at all times.


One of the main complaints that we hear from people is that they never hear from their agent in spite of the fact that they have left several messages. It is so frustrating to talk to cold and insensitive machines who talk to you and give you orders. Here is a message you may enjoy: 

"Hello, if this is the electric company calling, I don't owe you any money" "If you are a friend, you probably owe me money" "If you are one of my parents, please send me money". Well, most messages are not this amusing.


The best response is when you get a human voice on the other end of the line. We hope you are one of these SPECIAL SEVEN that captures all of our attention. Let's start this relationship today or no later than tomorrow. 

Buying , Selling or Renting a Northwest Houston Home - Call Robert Udoh at REMAX Professional Group (713) 305-8007 and become of the Seven
Written by Estela Malouf